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New Era Cap Care

Key things to Remember...

If you make the cap wet, it will take on shape as it dries! If you don't provide the shape, it will shrink to its own smaller shape. If you want it to fit your head, dry it on your head. If you want it to be shaped like a coffee mug, dry it in a mug. If you use rubber bands and you make the rubber bands too tight, you will see rubber band marks.

Cleaning a 59FIFTY... Never Wash the Cap!

The New Era Cap is made of wool and you will ruin its shape. To clean the headband, take a wet washcloth and put a little detergent and a little Spray and Wash and gently rub down the headband with the wet wash cloth. After you have sufficiently cleaned the headband of sweat stains and soil, rinse the wash cloth out with clear water and once again wash down the headband, cleaning up any left soap. Let dry and your cap will be ready to go again. Some sweat stains stay in but at least the cap will be clean.

Dusty Caps?

Things like a little cat hair or lint, just take some masking tape (I like the 2 inch size) and wrap some of it around your fingers so the sticky side is exposed and dab the hat with the tape. The tape will pick up all the lint and anything else on the cap.

Just a Little Too Big?

Take a spray bottle of water and spray the headband with the water, then let dry in the sun on top of an empty coffee can. Or, just let it dry without being elevated by the can. You can also dry it with a good portable hair dryer.


DO NOT put them in the dryer!

Too Tight?

What happens is the sweatband does its job and collects any moisture when you are wearing the cap. Without a head to hold its shape and size, it will shrink as it dries. For starters, grab your cap from the rear of the cap, place it over your knee and give a good hard yank. You will hear some popping noises. That's O.K. Stop pulling after you hear a couple of these noises. If you pull too hard and too long, you could rip a seam. We DON'T want that!! What you are actually doing is breaking the sizing, which is a stiff plastic strap that is sewn into the cap for shape and size maintenance.

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